TiP lab: preliminary models

This is the model we have chosen. The box is equipped with a series of drawers: two bigger one on both sides will contain material and media; and a thin long drawer will occupy the upper section of the box. The latter will contain found items and objects collected and curated by the audience. The idea is inspired by the specimen archives that can be found in natural science collections.

The top of the box is collapsable for transportation and will contain two receptacles that can be used to hang various media content. In addition to act as a protection to the surface of the lab, when open, this lid will create additional exhibition space (for media devices, maps, photos, etc..) and will act as an enclosure for more intimate interactions (e.g., to quietly write notes, to listen to testimonies etc..).


TiP model: front, folded

front2 back4


TiP model: side view