How to contribute

How to contribute

What does your neighbourhood mean to you?
How do you remember it? How do you want it to be?

During the first weeks of September, the TiP lab will be at the following locations:

Sept. 1 – Parkdale
Sept. 2 – Trinity Bellwoods
Sept. 3 – Queen and Church
Sept. 12 – Riverside

The TiP lab will carry objects, images and archival material that we have researched and that we have borrowed from people living in these neighborhoods.

Do you have a favourite object, heirloom or specimen, pictures or stories about the city and your neighbourhood that you would like to share? Would you like to check out other people’s stories?

You can participate in many ways.

1) During the days preceding the events, we will visit some community centres. Check our website for updates in the coming days. Come to hear about the project. We will leave a dropbox, so you can come back later too.

2) Add items to our google map. it is easy! Here are the instructions

3) Submit stories and documents. click here to know how